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Septic Tank Drainage

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Septic Tank Drainage


If your property has a septic tank, regular maintenance is required to ensure it functions correctly and treats your wastewater effectively. At Your Drainage Solutions, we provide septic tank drainage solutions for domestic and commercial properties. Our team covers Bournemouth, Poole and the wider Dorset area. Plus, you can get a no-obligation quote for septic tank work and ongoing maintenance.

Why is maintaining a septic tank important?

Some properties are not connected to the main drainage network, which removes wastewater. A septic tank effectively does the job of this system, but without regular maintenance, it can become a health hazard.

The way a septic tank works is by passing wastewater into the tank. This separates with solid waste sinking to the bottom and oils rising to the top. Then water in the tank drains away via a soakaway, which filters into the ground or soil around it.

Inside the septic tank, bacteria work to break down the solid waste sitting at the bottom. However, bacteria require optimum conditions to do the job correctly, and leaving the debris to build up over time without regular inspections can cause issues, including overflowing sewage and unpleasant smells.

Regular maintenance will avoid this happening, and inspections will ensure the build-up of sludge in your septic tank is at adequate levels. Anything over 30% build-up could start causing problems and resolving it will involve a much bigger drainage job.

How to maintain a septic tank

To ensure your septic tank stays within healthy levels, it’s best to use the system responsibly. Unlike the mains sewerage network, septic tanks are slightly more sensitive. So, for example, flushing anything out of the ordinary down the toilet is likely to cause blockages quickly.

It’s not just what you flush down the toilet or drain down your sinks; it’s what you clean them with that matters too. Opt for non-hazardous chemical cleaners to ensure anything going into the septic tank doesn’t kill the bacteria breaking down your waste.

A few changes to how you use and maintain your sinks, toilets and drains ensure the septic tank can do its job effectively. This helps to keep costs down and avoids more extensive drainage works.


Septic tank servicing in Dorset

If you experience any issues with your septic tank or drainage system, it needs to be resolved quickly. Your Drainage Solutions offer a same-day call-out if you require emergency assistance. Our team is also on hand to carry out regular maintenance and servicing.

Some examples of the work we do are pumping the septic tank system. This reduces the chance of your system failing and improves the lifespan of your septic tank. Getting this service carried out by professionals ensures everything is completed to health and safety regulations. We also use up-to-date equipment for a comprehensive and efficient service.

Maintaining your septic tank is vital to keeping your property’s drainage system in working order. Contact us today for more information on septic tank drainage and a no-obligation quote.

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